May 12th 2018

The prompt given is “KISMET” meaning “fate” or “destiny” and these artists ran with it.

Agitator cooperative gallery is a worker cooperative that makes decisions by consensus, valuing each member’s input equally, relying on non-hierarchical collective decision making. Agitator seeks to promote and engage significant art, including art made by conventionally overlooked artists.

Members of Agitator are diverse artist-curators with various racial, socioeconomic, gender, and sexual identities. Members share a common goal to curate art work that agitates or campaigns to provoke dialog and generate diversity, while respecting each artist’s vision and self-definition.

Join us for a night of art  and music. 6pm Saturday June 12th

Showcasing work from:
Jane Georges, Clover Melzer-hire, Polly Williams, Angel Katz, Kim Molenda, Joe Ramos, Marissa Garza, Kaleigh Carr, Frederick Nitch, Jordana Del Feld, Mayra Cortez, Gina Ray, Erin Leann, Megan Kind, Cecil Rodriguez, Karmen Elaine, Rick & Sydney, Cris

All art is available for purchase.

*Agitator gallery front doors adhere to wheelchair accessibility. Although there is no ramp, if assistance is needed, this can be arranged. Restroom in gallery is not wheelchair accessible*

curated by:
Karmen Elaine

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