May 26th 2018

It was just last year that we announced the first solo exhibit of artist Kate Lewis and are excited to host her second show and curation next month. All Star Press is proud to present her curated installation exhibit, Hidden In Plain Sight, opening May 26th 6-10PM.

There’s something so enticing about blending in to become another face in the crowd, an unintended voyeur to the happenings of life, hiding yourself in the most obvious of places which can somehow become the least obvious. In a generation of those who grew up on I Spy books, Where’s Waldo, or Magic Eye, doing word searches, or just searching for the puzzle piece that’s sitting right in front of you, there’s always been a certain allure to finding the perfect spot for the perfect piece to make it altogether accessible and obscure.

Hidden in Plain Sight will be an immersive show where the viewer steps into the gallery to be surrounded by a Chicago cityscape. Invited artists will have dedicated areas meant to represent street art hidden within the building facades.

Collaborating artists include:
Adam Lundquist
Ali 6
Blake Jones
Brain Killer
Caroline Liu
Erik Lundquist
Evan Foster
JC Rivera
Marco Miller
Matt Wojtan
Michelle Wanhala
Sick Fisher
Sub(urban) Warrior
TJ Kiser

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