May 12th 2018


Spring 2018, Saturday, May 12th
10:00am – 4:00pm
Sharp Rm327 (36 S Wabash)

Refreshments will be provided.
Persons with disabilities requesting accommodations should visit


~10:00am – 11:00am
(1) Disruptive Narratives
Joseph J Depre: You: Product and Projection at the End of Democracy
Ellie Tse: “Postcolonial Languaging” and a Speculative Reimagining of Multiple Freedoms
Khushmi Mehta: The Dialectics of Dissent: Vrishchik (1969-73)
Paola López: The Death of the Mexican Telenovela

(2) The Mirror Screen Stage: Sub-Cultural Projection and Embodiment
Pei Ongpipattanakul: House Style (Dark Mix)
Ellie Ferris-O’Neill: Looking Through the Alt-Right
Kailyn Slater: The Sims 2 and Queer, Feminine Game-Internet Space
Alyssa Chavarry: Diversity Sold Separately

(3) M&M: Migrating Multiplicities
Chloe Lin: Hover Above the Dual Experiences: China’s Post-90s Art International Students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Katia Pérez Fuentes: Footnoting My Identity in Occupational Dichotomies of Art
Joanne Jihyun Lee: Yellow Peril to Model Minority: Generational Understandings of the Stereotype
Falak Vasa: દાઢીવાળા ફ્લેમિંગો \\ Bearded Flamingos

(4) Repositioning Experience: Feelings and Form
Nathaniel Knize: Ethnographies of Saudade
Tatyana Skalany: Remembering Photography
Gabriel Almeida: À quoi bon la lecture? The Structure of Experience in the Modern Novel: Balzac and Flaubert
Emily Jewel Kane: Language as “Arche”
Patrick Zapien: Sight-Passages

(5) Re/Crafting the Eventual
Eshovo Momoh: How to Survive History
Jacob Hill: Traditions of Masking
Kelly Mulligan: Stitching Community into Education
Jacob Yi: Pillow Talks With Myself
Gabrielle Egnater: “Jack of All Trades”

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