May 20th 2018

Ometeotl tlazocamati thank you for your votes!

You’re invited to the first of its kind ART PARTY!!!

Instead of a conversation let’s start creating artwork that reflects sentiments of this powerful movement we are all a part of; let’s put our ideas, words, and visuals together so others can see and hopefully duplicate!

The idea is to create a zine, posteRs, and/or flyers so we can pass around and hopefully give others an idea of what ending toxic machismo looks like for all of us!

We would love it if you came to 1-Dope-Art-Party this Sunday, but your ideas are just as powerful…so if you do have something that you would like to contribute (and can’t make it) then please share it here or inbox it! (a poem, a meme, a photo etc.)

I figured we can start working on a linograph piece that I have (12X12) for a small poster, and others can work on smaller pieces for various covers of the zine. When we’re happy with the poster we’ll make prints right away and mix the wheat flour into a paste…after that I need a lookout or two so we can throw some artwork up 😉

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