Apr 25th 2018

As featured on Radiolab Podcast:

Did you know the world’s first recording of a heartbeat was written in candle soot? Artist Dario Robleto and media historian Patrick Feaster interweave historical research, poetic storytelling, and innovative audio processing, collaborate to discover the unexpected sounds of our shared past.

Over the last twenty years, Dario Robleto’s work has explored the intersections of music, popular culture, language, storytelling, and the histories of science and war. He draws upon unconventional materials spanning from archival materials, to meteorites to heartbeat recordings from the 19th century. A self-proclaimed “citizen-scientist,” Robleto pursues deep collaborations with experts across fields of inquiry spanning astrophysics, cardiology, glaciology, and neuroscience. He has even been an artist-in-residence at the SETI Institute.


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