Apr 21st 2018

Although we go about our days driven by our individual desires, as social beings, our ability to connect with others is necessary for survival. We network to generate safety nets, bond with others so we can be supported, and burn bridges to make way for new connections. Yet, our altruistic tendencies dwindle within the constructed systems and institutions we have created ourselves. Hierarchies of power, uneven distribution of resources, and unequal treatment under the law has divided us the minute we came into the world. Renovation must take place.

Within the densely populated city, we move through the infrastructure ignoring each other and the world around us while heading towards our predetermined destinations. Amidst the towers of metropolis exists temporary spaces situated at the foundations of buildings where we can break from the monotonous routine and notice our surroundings. Endlessly being dismantled and rebuilt, scaffolding draws attention to the weathered exteriors of structures. It becomes a space of heightened awareness as we pass through. The construction sight offers a glimpse to what normally goes unnoticed and it is the scaffolding that facilitates this realization. Traffic gets redirected, the usual pathways are blocked, and the minor inconvenience may very well dwell within our minds.

Like workers balancing on scaffolding to repair facades, the artists perform, chipping away at social barriers as a means to consolidate their own positions within society and their interpersonal relationships. They invite us in this moment to break away from the routine, diverge our current ego driven thought processes, and make us notice our relation to each other.

Featuring Artists:
Tannaz Motevalli
Violet Eckles-Jordan
Katryna Oliveau
Sarah Pletcher
Sophia Karina English
Micah Dillman
Jesus Hilario
Maria Luìsa

Curated by:
Jerico Domingo

The Condo Association is an art collective comprised of anti-fascist, and anti-capitalistic humans seeking to empower and support the creativity and productivity of queer people, people of color, women, and other marginalized bodies.

Unfortunately, the Condo is only accessible via two flights of stairs. The Condo contains two cats. Questions can be directed to thecondoassociation@gmail.com.

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