Apr 28th 2018

Join NYC based artist Tasha Douge for a pop up art exhibition at the Kizer + Harth Studio at Mana Contemporary Chicago for “The Hands of a Nation,” featuring her acclaimed piece “This Land is OUR Land (Justice)” accompanied by works from Chicago photographers documenting black lives.

Dougé spent countless hours hand braiding and weaving a flag made out of black hair. Her labor of love represents the many hands of African Americans who built this nation, yet receive very little justice in return.

Maya Iman
Austin Pope
Amina Ross
Michael Bussey
Seed Lynn
Marie Pfaff / 3 Marias
Isaiah ThoughtPoet Veney
Tonika Lewis Johnson
WD Floyd
Nate Crossley
Eric Michael Ward
Ally Almore

+ A panel discussion moderated by Zakkiyyah Najeebah

FREE and open to the public

The New York Times on Tasha Dougé

Tasha Dougé on her piece “This Land is Our Land (#JUSTICE)

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which it stands…” Stands for WHO? Stands for WHAT? What does this pledge even mean? For generations, this oral platter of words has been passed down, lacing our tongues with this invisible ink. Think about it. When did we choose to be devout, loyal and show faithful adherence to this country? Or did someone else choose for us?

Tasha Dougé, artist and curator, proposes an exhibition that addresses human relations to the current political and social climate in the United States. This exhibition will challenge each person to step outside the box of indoctrination and examine the question of what are we willing to fight for. A pledge is a commitment, but even more so, a solemn promise. And whomever or whatever receives the level of devotion that constitutes allegiance, should be a decision determined by us. So, whether we get down on one knee or never utter the words ever again, know that patriotism lies with us first. Because a patriot isn’t someone who just blindly loves their country, but rather a defender, especially of individual rights, amidst government interference, that wants and will fight for more, something better. This nation, our nation, is in a state of peril and there is no greater time than the present moment to activate our civic power. The choice is ours. Now what will you pledge allegiance to?

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