Apr 5th 2018

The Bureau of Weights and Measures
Thursday, April 5 at 7 PM
Suggested donation $7-10

In its decade of existence, it has been said more than once that The Nightingale has been able to do a lot with very little. With thousands of eyes served over the past decade, the vibe around here has been ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ — suffice to say, we don’t scrimp. This birthday screening celebrates Chicago’s micro-budgeted and macro-hearted apartment cinema and considers how we measure up, pound for pound, with work from artists riffing on indexes, marking time, and units of measure.

Working Program, more titles to be added soon!

SNL “Bureau of Weights and Measures” Cold Open, Season 8 (1982, 1 minute, dub)

Anne McGuire, Joe Dimaggio 123 (1991, 11 minutes, digital)

Amir George, Moments of Intention (2016, 7 minutes, digital)

Susan Mogul, Dressing Up (1973, 7 minutes, digital)

Eric Fleischauer, Going Through (2010, 5 minutes, digital)

Wayne P. Tate Jr., Happy 19th! Come and Celebrate! (2017, 10 minutes, digital)

Programmed by Emily Eddy, Nellie Kluz, and Aaron Walker

This screening is part of NIGHTINGALE 10! To celebrate being a part of Chicago’s film and video community for a decade, we are hosting a weekend of screenings and events at our beloved rough and ready cinema. Check out all of the events on our website here: http://nightingalecinema.org/nightingale-10/

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