Apr 11th 2018

High Concept Labs: Open House Spring 2018 at Constellation
As temperatures rise this spring, High Concept Labs brings the people together for some of the hottest new art in town. Get right to the action at HCL’s Spring Open House, where you’ll meet & greet dozens of current and former Sponsored Artists as they share a mix of their innovative works in progress and entertaining final pieces with you. Make new friends at Constellation and Links Hall and enjoy beverages, light bites, performances, installations, music, and much, much more. #HCLOpenHouse

Jan Bartoszek (Hedwig Dances)
Aquil Charlton
Yoshinojo Fujima (a.k.a Rika Lin)
Amir George
Kristina Isabelle & Claudia Hart
Annie Kielman & Joshua Patterson
Meg Leary
Cat Mahari
Nicole Mauser
Margaret Morris
Andy Slater

Experimental Sound Studio
Gwen Smuda
Jackalope Theatre
Links Hall
Lucky Plush Productions
Sophia Forero Designs
Vin Chicago


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