Apr 13th 2018

Please join us for the opening night of Eli Haymer’s solo exhibition “Word Stream”

“This series compels you to see life through my mind as I grow and experience what it means to exist. The main theme of this body of work is “Stream of Consciousness” which is infused literally and figuratively with the representation of water. This resonates because of the correlation between water, thought, and life. Our prior experiences can wash over, cleanse and purify us of troublesome perspectives as we continue to flourish throughout life. Words do not have to be stagnant; they can be as fluid as a stream and invoke thought and emotion into the physical world, which is beautiful. Piece No 2 “Exhaleboi” exemplifies how I feel more at ease with the written word versus the spoken one. My brain is too chaotic at any given time to properly express myself or justify actions in a clear and concise way. Through my visual art, I can convey feelings better materially.

The ability to show personality and a state of being via strokes on paper is a concept I have always envisaged. I have pondered how to bring a natural vulnerability and universally personal feeling to my work. I see this action is possible only through unapologetically pushing my mind frame, while resting on the fact that the human experience is inherently universal.” -Eli Haymer

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