Apr 26th 2018

Located on the 10th floor of planet Sharp there is a hidden crystal lattice that contains cell units to 14 emerging artists with concepts that range from the political to metaphysical.

Featured artists:

Maddy Olson
Bill Harvey
Teri Carson
Brie Van Schoyck
Elaine Hsu
Genie Hong
Eliza Fields
Cynthia Lerch
Karmel Sabri
JB Fry
Paloma Mercier
Eseosa Edebiri
Jeremy Sublewski
Katia Perez Fuentes

We invite you to explore the space we have been cultivating ideas, memories, and art in for the past 3 months.
There will be FOOD and DRINKS provided, so please come!

Disclaimer: We ask that you do not enter studios that have lights off and curtains up as not all artists listed are participating. Thank you!

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