Mar 8th 2018

Please join us for this shorts program about what we do when life’s pieces feel a little out of place. All Chicago Feminist Film Festival events are free and open to the public. Directors will be available for a Q&A after this screening.

MOCHA (Dir. Kirstie Mattheis)
One person’s text is another person’s overly dramatic (slightly neurotic?) voicemail.

LA HOYADA (Dir. Roberto Flores)
Between 1980-2000, nearly 69,000 Peruvians went missing or were killed. The region of Ayacucho was the most affected. Since 2005, a group of Ayacucho women has been struggling to build a Memorial Sanctuary in La Hoyada, where the army built small furnaces to incinerate the bodies of people who suffered extrajudicial executions, becoming a symbol of extreme violence and impunity.

ME TOO (Dir. Sonia Sebastián)
After being diagnosed with hepatitis, Lina must contact her past sexual partners, including the ex-girlfriend she pines for, whether she wants to or not.

THE LITTLE ONE (Dir. Diana Cam Van Nguyen )
A Vietnamese girl grows up in a European town. As she gets used to what it means to be strange and at home at the same time, her family inevitably heads towards a fatal decision. Who will leave, and who will stay? Whose home is where?

APNEA (Dir. Marion Foucher)
Pregnant by her lover, Paloma must decide if she will leave her stifling husband and beloved 10-year-old daughter behind.

HOUSE OF TEETH (Dir. Susanna Styron)
After 28 years of marriage, Lucy and Greg have decided to call it quits, and Greg moves out. Lucy whipsaws from tears to laughter and back again, until her 26-year-old daughter, Charlotte, comes to visit. When Charlotte decides her mother needs to get back in the game, Lucy comes up against the limitations – and liberation – of life on her own.

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