Jan 27th 2018

Murmurs and Palpitations: Her Environment #7

@ TCC Chicago

2547 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, January 27th, from 5PM - 7PM

On view through Saturday, January 27th

This will be your last chance to see Murmurs and Palpitations! Come celebrate with us as we close out the night with an evening of performances and lectures.

Murmurs and Palpitations is a show about ritualized processes of healing and understanding. The show confronts the politics of navigating emotional responses within an environment of virtuality by directly remediating our lived experiences. The pieces in this show pose the question of the dynamic between intimate and immersive media and the ontological self, as experienced through multiple senses and ritualistic gestures. Interpreting Murmurs and Palpitations as sensory and experiential – living electronics – listening to the pulses and vibrations of the works, as they change rhythm through the practice of their language, their breath, the sound and smells of their environment.

~~~~~~~~~~ 5 – 7 pm
Madeeha Lamoreaux will perform Protocol 1.2 Cell Dissection as well as explain some historical/ anthropological ritual aspects of energy generation in connection with blood and explain her process through the dissection within her piece ‘Obtained / Retained (Blood Battery)’, from her series “Oracle Modem”, 2015-2017. “These ritual-like performances reflect on the magic, inexplicable mystery
of the internet and of electricity. “

Hiba Ali will be giving a Lecture ‘Go Amazonify Yourself!!’ that is in relation to her piece titled ‘Con-Tain-Ner, 2017’
When we order something from the internet, consumers are getting a receiving more than the object itself. Do we know the names of the places and the people (and robots) who made the object? In Hiba Ali’s talk, she will expand on the notion of “networked” objects as it relates to circulation of global shipping and objects. Invisible and visible “flows” guide consumers into specific cultural exchange, she insists that we demand more from systems that govern our everyday networked reality. She will explicate on her sculptural installations, new media videos and workshops. Central to her practice is shifting common place understanding of the global circulation and our relationship(s) to it.

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