Nov 11th 2017


“Once the task of the artist was to make good art; now it is to avoid making art of any kind.” – Allan Kaprow

“In the face of the omnipresence of the cultural and consciousness industries, art has withdrawn from the world and has hidden before our very eyes–the only place it is safe from artworld recuperation, the only place left where the artworld is not looking for it.” – Stephen Wright

“I would prefer not to.” – Bartleby

Spy art, post-art, dropping out, breaking up, abandonment, art at a 1:1 scale, disappearance, unart, refusal, quitting, vacating, renunciation, withdrawal – such are some of the multitude of terms used to describe various strategies of what might also be called escape artistry. Laura Shaeffer and Randall Szott will converse about the ever shifting contours of this elusive domain. What do these tactics have to offer a cultural apparatus so committed to visibility? What generative potential is there in such gestures? And is that question itself a trap?

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