Nov 29th 2017

“We learn from SEEDS that what may seem dormant breathes life. PLANTS teach us to create patterns that cycle upwards (a.m.b). It is the NATURE of our bodies to be adaptive, intelligent, intuitive microcosms of magic. This is what we gather to invoke and grow.

This 2 hour EXPERIENCE integrates playful, witchy, performative movement- and plant- based practices to inspire presence and curiosity. The darker, colder months got you down? By stimulating the senses and exploring relationship to plants, we seek to RE-ENERGIZE any stagnancy, monotony or blockages we might be holding onto.

What to expect:
A lil meditation
A lil movement
A lil drag
A lil sumthin sumthin to take home

$10-20 sliding, RSVP in advance

The gallery is located first floor rear – enter on Wood st. The main room is wheelchair accessible. There is one single person restroom inside. This is not a scent free event.


Christian (he/him/they/them) is an artist and horticultural therapist, creating multi-sensory and barrier-free plant based experiences. His work means to conjure empathy, stress reduction, and attention restoration.

Yvonne (she/her/they/them) is a pinay artist, yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and budding herbalist, bridging diasporic and Indio~Genius consciousness thru a trauma-informed lens. Her hatha/vinyasa sessions are influenced by nature, babaylan resilience, Feldenkrais method, somatics for social justice, All Connection.

Please message ahead of time to request a scent free space!

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