Oct 7th 2017

Sis, U Belong Here: A Gathering for Black Women

@ Links Hall

3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Opening Saturday, October 7th, at 10AM

On view through Friday, August 4th

Sis, U Belong Here (UBH) is a healing and soul vibes gathering for Black women.

Sis, you’re invited to go beyond the surface to engage in a purpose-filled, collaborative, and creative process of BECOMING, BELONGING, and BEING visible. You are invited to come take up space!

if you nod, and say yes, uhm-huh or yaaaaaaas to any of the following questions, then UHB is for you: is “adulting” overrated? do you want to be freer? are you “wo’-out” from having to be put together and “on” all the time? do you want to navigate the world authentically and with more oomph? are you tired of unsolicited opinions about what it is to be a Black Woman? do you wanna give fewer fuqs about other people’s opinions? are you drained and ready for something new? do you wanna be more peace-filled…joy-filled…pleasure-filled? if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then UBH is for you! in a world where they keep coming for us, come be in community with other amazing sistas also on this path of belonging!

sis, your experiences matter;
sis, you are more than what’s on the surface;
& during UBH we’ll delve deep into your truths.

through a combination of individual, small and large group interactive activities, creative expression will be used to:
• create, take-up and hold space;
• build our capacity for resistance, joy and pleasure; • promote connection and collaboration;
• dismantle shame, guilt, indecisiveness and isolation; • support the strength and power of vulnerability;
• move beyond merely sustaining ourselves, to having a healthy sense of belonging; • remind you of your self-worth
• strengthen your knowingness that you’re the expert of your own experience!

creative expression will include: breathing, embodiment, movement, art-making and visualization.

UBH, affords you an opportunity to take up space, reflect & recharge yourself.

UBH, centers personahood & expression, while nurturing belonging.

UBH, is highly engaging & experiential. to this end, we’ll gather as a declaration that we are meant to thrive and to be here. right here. right now.

U are encouraged to:
• show-up authentically
• remove your shoes upon entry
• wear comfortable light-colored clothes • bring something meaningfulness to put on the altar
• bring a pillow, yoga mat, blanket to sit comfortably on the floor • bring a bottle of water

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