Oct 7th 2017


@ Digital Art Demo Space

2515 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, October 7th, from 7PM - 1AM

On view through Saturday, October 28th

Jim Jam and Sara Goodman are the collaborative New/Old Media Duo known as S H R I N E. Join us for for a night of interactive installations and exhibited work of new and old tech with special guests and collaborators Andrei Jay (Minneapolis) Violeta Forest (Chicago) and Russell White (Virginia)

Music and visuals by:

Low-Gain (Milwaukee)

Chris Persson (Chicago)

Plastic_Pyramid (Richmond,VA)

S H R I N E is the idea that technology can be sacred, and that it deserves to be up on a pedestal. It is the celebration of obselete and repurposed technology. What is “obselete” is now divine, finding new meaning as a modular artifact in the expressive workflows of experimental video and glitch artists. S H R I N E aims to share a vision of electronic bliss, utlizing CRT televisions as nostaligic monuments that pay homage to those that came before us, and their endeavours with disrupted mediums. Analog and Digital collide, acknowledging the passage of time, decades of growth, in technology, in ourselves, and the world.

In the era of Virtual Reality, Post-Glitch, Vaporwave, and New Aesthetic, S H R I N E thrives on conceptualizing documentation and the repurposing of these artifacts of the past to display them as sacred, arcane treasures, breathing new life into what was deemed “lost.”

Come join us for a night where old and new technology merges. Where sculptures are interactive. Where pixels bleed beauty. Where you can get lost in the digital landscape of your dreams.

Vegan cookies sold by pop up vendor: Cookies and Dragons

Enamel pins available by Tangla

OCTOBER 7th 7pm until…

@DADS in Bridgeport, Chicago

Russell White//////
Creates work informed by questioning reality and the fractalizing planes of existence our essence occupies and the artifacts of memory experience navigating through space time. While existing in this realm of oversaturated media and neon glow, he questions the effects of pervasive data systems overloading or programming the mental software people possess. Russell received his Bachelor of Fine Art from Middle Tennessee State University in Sculpture 2015, and received his Master of Fine Art in Kinetic Imaging 2017.

andrei jay/////
takes unwanted technology and tries to make it wanted again. He takes advantage of the soft chroma distortions inherent in cathode ray televison sets and the grainy brutal imperfections of analog video mixers and amplifies them using simple feedback loops. For this installation he will be fusing footage of spectators with goodman and russels projections within a jury rigged modular video synthesizer and tv wall built out of equipment scavenged from junk stores, curbsides, and dumpsters.

Sara Goodman////
is one half of the duo S H R I N E. She is an artist–poet–curator–working with new and old tech, forming life long friendships and collaborations based off of art-as-way-of-life-life-practice. Day dreamer, cat lover, VHS and tape enthusiast. (Bodies of water and walks in nature.) She looks for answers in various ecologies — naturual and technological. MFA in poe-a-tree. Teaches video art, poetry, and literature to High School students.

Jim Jam////
is the other half of new/old media duo S H R I N E. Jim utilizes photography as his primary medium, attempting to seek the golden arrangements of space and time. He prefers to make digital collages, using circuit-bent audio/video gear to display images on CRT screens that are then photographed and further manipulated with software. Physical mediums are artifacts, data is sacred, and the history of technology serves as a major inspiration for Jim’s philosophy that retro and future can compliment each other in unexpected ways. He is a senior at Columbia College Chicago, working on his BFA, and hopes to find a career in the commercial photography industry to fund his future artistic endeavours.

Violet Forest////
dreams in web art, virtual reality, & text editors. She studied the history of video art in undergrad while experimenting with VCR’s 80’s-video-art-style, then decided to make art with newer technologies. She currently works in VR, AR, and frontend web development.

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