Oct 26th 2017


@ SITE Columbus

280 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL 60603

Opening Thursday, October 26th, from 4PM - 6PM

On view through Friday, November 17th

RHIZCITY is an architectural montage, a simultaneous implosion and explosion of space. It is an anarchic gesture, one that is violent, lawless, and aggressive, engaging in processes of destruction/construction. RHIZCITY deals with ideas of digital sculptures and monumentality. It draws from ancient archetypes and architectures. The project conjures the fractal quality of drawings. It is a structural system that takes form, the floorplan from architecture, and exploits the idea of framework, rotating it, smashing it, stretching it… RHIZCITY builds an architectonic language and simultaneously levels what it builds. It exists as a locked cell of meaning, removed from its context. As a constructed and deconstructed experience, RHIZCITY relies on metric structures of order and disorder. It is visceral in nature, intensifying with motion and glitch. The project abstracts a system of activity at work. Trajectories and planar motion repeat endlessly, transformed by animation. RHIZCITY introduces a phantom body element, that acts to delocalize, evoking a feeling of absence, floating in unknown space.

November 3rd, 6pm
RHIZCITY: Ruptures & Proliferations” is an experimental audio-visual performance that bridges installation and virtual reality. The environment reflects on both construction/deconstruction as generative/degenerative sound devices. RHIZCITY engages synchronized visuals and acoustics, synesthetically mediating perception and spatial experience within the architectural monument.

GREYMAR is the intersection of duo IGREY (Igraine Grey) and JONMAR (Jonatan Martinez). Their collaborations range from multimedia installations to virtual and augmented reality, video, audio-visual performance, photography, and e-literature. GREYMAR is originally from Latin America, Venezuela and Mexico respectively, converging in Houston, TX, and presently, Chicago, IL. GREYMAR is multi-contextual and presents work through online environments, publications, film festivals, independent art spaces, galleries, performance venues, apps, caves, headsets, and stereoscopic display systems. GREYMAR has collaborated with Diverse Works Gallery, Houston Center for Photography, Asia Society Texas Center, and Texas Contemporary Art Fair, and has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Leroy Neiman Center Gallery, Gallery X, Flaxman Screening Room, Flex Space, Black Box), Localhost Gallery, EVL CAVE2 at University of Illinois, BLUEorange Contemporary, University of Houston, and Rice University. GREYMAR has screened at Latitude Chicago, Elastic Arts, Menil Collection Lawn, and Houston International Film Festival. Their publications are part of the Flaxman Book Collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and their work has been featured in visual art news and reviews (Glasstire), research collective blogs (InfranetLab), and architecture journals (AD). GREYMAR has received a number of awards, including the KPF Traveling Fellowship, HIFF Remi Award, and the Margaret Everson Fossi Travelling Fellowship, among others. GREYMAR is currently an MFA candidate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art and Technology Studies, and Film, Video, New Media, and Animation.

GREYMAR’s neo-post-apocalyptic opus unfolds in a future-past of political turmoil and the noir of climate change and nuclear threat in mega-urbanity. Their hybrid, multi-contextual, post-disciplinary, media heterotopias activate the liminal subject of technology, philosophy, and biology. GREYMAR’s work fluctuates between data and myth, banal and sublime, meaning and the absurd. Their work ranges across a lexicon of experimentation, including: psycho-amalgamatic memory-paradigms, hyperreality and délire, sublimation, over-stimulated states, and voids. GREYMAR explores radical epistemological shifts, recursively exploring dynamics of cultural construction by means of anarchic gestures, cogito ruptures, fragments, collections, connections, re-arrangements, variation, and multiplicities. GREYMAR investigates tension and interface between the real and the virtual, embodiment and disembodiment, presence and absence, technology and metaphysics, in an effort to tap into digital numinosity.

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