Oct 7th 2017

Art Life: Making Moss Def. L.
by Garland Martin Taylor

An installation recounting the true-ish story of an mid-life crisis stricken artist for whom meteorological, celestial, spiritual, and professional experiences sparked a creative reawakening.

Deviating Forms
by Erin Smego

Erin Smego is a post-minimalist sculptor working with lumber, iridescent skins, and sometimes LED lights.She re-purposes industrial materials along with fashion elements to transform them into a critique on the ever-changing role of gender, simultaneously existing as an art object. Elements of playfulness sometimes appear, and color (or lack of) is used to reflect emotion.

Subjects explored include: survival, awkwardness, peculiarity, falling (apart), isolation, emptiness, hyper-optimism, and vulnerability.

Heidi Wiren Bartlett
presented as part of the Terrain Biennial
curated by Stacey Lee Gee

Heidi’s work is concerned with the portrayal, oppression and subversive existence of women in America today. In her hybrid practice, she creates objects, installations, ritual performances, videos, and collaborative works.

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