Oct 27th 2017

Kina Bagovska: RITUALS

In the series of art works entitled ” Rituals” Kina Bagovska uses mixed media and collages to depict memories of her growing up in a small village, surrounded by prehistorical rocks, in the south part of Europe. Bagovska’s interest lies in the ancient female figurines made of clay and used for rituals over 5000 years ago. She develops her minimalist art using transparent materials such as plexiglass and silk. To achieve her goals, she combines various techniques including ink, sand and plaster, in collaboration with music and dance.

At the opening reception, there will be a live performance by “Duo Utopia” with the musicians Zhivko Nikolov – guitar and Margarita Nikolov – flute, starting at 7pm. They will present music by Bartok, Ibert and rhythms from Bulgaria.

After working many years creating painted plaster wall-relief sculptures, Iris Goldstein has been experimenting to see whether she can create a sense of three-dimensional space using colored pencils on paper. This exhibit features a collection of drawings meant to mimic and elaborate on some of her sculptural ideas. Some of the drawings show a slice of nature abstracted and
made mysterious. Other drawings are studies in spacial relationships and positive and negative space.

Goldstein is always interested in the mysterious. She tries to find the visual images that are suggestive and allusive.

Irmgard Koehler speaks about her work: “This body of work comes out of the catastrophes of Central Europe during the 20th century. It comes through my encounter with engaging personalities who illustrated this historical period for me through their lives and their work.

As a respite from history, my work then turns inward. The sculptue shows the intimate world of my growing family and towards Motherhood. I want to dedicate this exhibition to my great love, G. E. F. Our lives together were lived out of a deeply felt, mutual and surely historical need.”

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