Oct 21st 2017

The Structure of Spacetime:
Closing Reception and Conversation with an Astrophysicist

Space, together with time, has an intrinsic structure that physicists discover empirically and describe mathematically. Join us for a closing reception with a live performance of “Body Grid” by Zhixi Zhang and a moderated conversation and Q&A with University of Chicago physicist Daniel Holz. Holtz will discuss the current state of our understanding of the structural features of spacetime. We will compare our everyday experience of space and time with the features of spacetime on other physical scales and in extreme environments such as black holes.

Exhibition on view October 3 – 24.

Where are we in the universe? Is “now” different from other times in cosmic history? To a degree, physics can answer these questions. Yet, in doing so, it unsettles and upends our everyday intuitions about how time and space work, the exhibition “Articulating Time and Space,” addresses the ways we personally experience and react to this process of unsettling and upending. Artists included in the exhibition: Jeremy Bolen, Sophia Catania, Christa Donner, Carrie Gundersdorf, Sophia Barr Hayne, Emily Hermant, Dasol Hong, Alea Hughes, May Jernigan, Kyle Bellucci Johanson, Sun Kawazoe, Johanne Aagaard Laache, Yejin Lee, Paola Lopez, Hannah McHugh, Zoe Nyman, Tony Phillips, Judith Raphael, Iryne Roh, Kendall Schauder, Andrew S. Yang, Seldon Yuan and Zhixi Zhang. “Articulating Time and Space” is curated by faculty Paola Cabal and Kathryn Schaffer with Graduate Curatorial Assistant Duncan Bass (Dual MA 2019).

Image: Sophia Hayne, “Playing with Light: An Experimental Experience,” installation view, 2015

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