Sep 21st 2017

We Like Small Things

@ Filter Photo

1821 W Hubbard St, Ste 207, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Thursday, September 21st, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, October 21st

Filter Photo is pleased to showcase an exhibition of small prints. Artists were asked to submit works 10 x 10 inches or less for this call for work. Juror, Jennifer Keats, Director of The Donut Shop, chose a compelling assortment of small works.

She writes, “If you have been anywhere near social media recently, you may have seen a video by Korean food blogger, miminemini, making teeny tiny Krispy Kreme donuts no larger than the tip of your little finger. It is one example of many that has viewers mesmerized and spellbound by the miniature.

The history of photographic prints and the attitude toward their size has been an ever-changing one. People have much more cognitive over-load than ever before and that can take a toll. In a world in which we are increasingly assaulted with imagery, artworks in small scales allow us a sense of control, a space to retreat, when we are able to fit it into the palm of our hands.

It was my joyful task to invite the 30 artists who created the small and unique works in we like small things, each clearly motivated to create artwork of the highest standards both in its materiality and its meaning.

We are enveloped by the ever-growing cocoon of image saturation. The rare opportunity to encounter thoughtfully made print objects that our bodies can relate to allows us to pause and be visually present with a single image. we like small things showcases a diversity of artists still acknowledging this haptic language of photography”

Participating Artists Include: Alejandro Acierto, Gregory Albertson, Nick Albertson, Kioto Aoki, Lauren Dacy, Virgil DiBiase, Nathan Florsheim, Shaye Garrigan, Gretchen Grace, Alice Hargrave, Viktar Hilitski, Kellie Hindmarch, Frances Jakubek, Ellen Jantzen, Sarah Joyce, Jung Kim, Michael Koerner, Rita Maas, Megan Magill, Carissa Meier, Sarah Pfohl, Jared Ragland, Daniel Ramos, Stephanie Taiber, Amanda Tinker, Alyss Vernon, Lauren Wilkins, Krista Wortendyke, Polly Yates, and Eric Zeigler

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