Sep 17th 2017

Join us for the release of REMNANTS, a unique photobook by artist Julie Weber and published by SKYLARK EDITIONS – both Chicago locals.

Books will be available for purchase and a photographic print by the artist will be raffled off.

Cash bar featuring color-coordinated custom cocktails by Tim Hollingsworth.

About the book:
In the early 2000s, Julie Weber was working as a photo technician for a popular retail chain when the first wave of digital printers was making its way to one-hour photo-counters across the country. REMNANTS examines the materiality of photographs at a moment when the medium transitioned from analog to digital. Weber created the imagery for REMNANTS by layering, folding, cutting and creasing material byproduct from the photo lab printer. The book is a portfolio of 12 unbound sheets: on one side, twelve individual images are presented, and on the other side, the twelve pieces can be arranged to form a single, composite image.

About the artist:
Julie Weber is an artist working conceptually and reflexively within the framework of photography. Founded in research and experimentation, Weber’s practice pushes and pulls at conventional methods behind the making of images. The medium’s processes and materials, its documental yet ephemeral nature, and its changeable relation to perceptibility are core tenets of her work.

Founded in 2015 by Kelli Connell, Paul D’Amato and Gregory Harris, SKYLARK EDITIONS is a non-profit publishing project based in Chicago that provides a platform for the creation and distribution of innovative photobooks by emerging and established artists.

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