Sep 14th 2017

Join us for a talk with artist Rine Boyer in conjunction with her solo exhibition entitled “People Watching” on September 14th. Space is limited to please arrive early to get a seat. Doors will open at 6pm.

“People Watching” depicts the characters Rine sees as she walks through the city. Using acrylic paint and ink on metal cut out figures, the portraits are linked to underlying themes of culture, personality and group dynamics. The various personalities are captured from the artist’s perspective as she imagines what each person is thinking and creates a pattern of symbolic shapes that reference those thoughts on the surface of the portrait. By painting each person using the same technique, Rine creates an equilibrium while highlighting each unique personality through pattern and color. Each portrait is thoughtfully placed within a larger installation that captures the beauty of different people being in close proximity to one another, living in the city.

Rine Boyer’s figures from everyday life in the city explore how we see one another. Her two and three dimensional figurative works reference the repeating pattern in pointillism, the flatness in portraits by Alex Katz, and the bright colors of Kaws to create pieces that blend modernism with current trends.

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