Jul 14th 2017

Triumph School Manual Project #1

@ Triumph School

771 N 3906th Rd, Triumph, IL 61371

Opening Friday, July 14th, at 4PM

On view through Sunday, July 16th

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to this year’s first weekend of the Triumph School Manual Project. A weekend of production, collective communication, and an outdoor hangout.

The event hosts four manuals created by Sarah Mendelsohn, Kirsten Leenaars, Jason Morris, and Mika Horibuchi & Dan Rizzo Orr. During the event the participants – you – will be invited to execute the manuals, interpreting the projects without the oversight of its author/s.

Opening “doors:” Friday, July 14th 4pm
Project Execution: Saturday, July 15th – beginning and end time will vary on the chosen project.
Hangout and enjoyment time: Sunday, September 16th. End time: 4pm.

The property, situated on four acres has ample space for camping out and indoors. Please bring your own tent and/or mattress and whatever else you may need for comfort. There is a kitchen, multiple grills, a smoker and a fire pit. Please bring your own food and food to share during the communal dinners. Let’s share recipes!

We will be asking a for a donation that will go towards offsetting the cost of operations during the Manual Project. Anything outside of those costs will go directly into a fund to begin repairs on the school itself.

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