Jul 13th 2017

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police union contract with the city expired June 30 of this year. In addition to exploring City Bureau’s latest Tracker Project—the #FOPtracker—we’ll have Chicago-based journalist Adeshina Emmanuel in the Public Newsroom for a presentation on his reporting around the city’s collective bargaining agreement with police.

This hands-on workshop with break down and demystify the police union contract as the city negotiates a new agreement with police in the coming weeks. We’ll also have experts weigh in to give Chicagoans a better understanding of how the Fraternal Order of Police impacts, affects and influences police accountability locally and nationwide.

Explore the #FOPtracker before our Public Newsroom deep dive:http://www.citybureau.org/foptracker

Our weekly #PublicNewsroom workshop series is always free and always open to the public thanks to your support. Youth and communities interested in storytelling, media, art and civic engagement are encouraged to attend.


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