Jun 22nd 2017

City Bureau is hiring!

This week’s Public Newsroom is an orientation and Twitter training for City Bureau’s Documenters network. Our Documenters program is a critical component to City Bureau’s mission to bridge the ideals of civic journalism with the economic and political realities in which it exists.

This specific workshop, facilitated by our community engagement director Andrea Hart, will onboard folks into the Documetners program, talk about gaps in local journalism and how to live-tweet as well as engage online during public meetings. We will cover the basics like tagging and hashtags. We will also talk about how to use Twitter to share relevant community information.

After the event, attendees will be allowed to join the Documenters listserv and have access to paid freelance work as well as other trainings. Documenters will participate in a range of City Bureau projects, including, but not limited to:

-Attending and recording public events such as police board meetings
-Engaging in projects designed to increase the role of reporting and storytelling in public discourse
-Using data, official reports and community dialogue to provide context to some of the city’s most pressing issues
-Live tweeting public events
-Assisting with City Bureau’s town hall events
-Writing reflections to be featured in City Bureau’s blog

We welcome learners of all levels. Bring your own device (laptop, tablet or smart phone to connect to wifi) if you can!

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