Jun 3rd 2017

From the artist:
These fragile intricate designs are reminiscent of stitched lace, sewn gold, silver linen, silk thread and intricate lace work with intricate weblike designs made by hand. Early use of lace was in religious ceremonies and my therapeutic practice is an act of healing as a gay man. I use the term tranˈsperənsēs to describe my works and their ambiguous meanings. In the late 16th century, it became a general term denoting a transparent object and the etymology is from medieval Latin transparentia for the meaning to be transparent or shining through. Titles such as Ghost, Rage and Desire, Golden Fleece, Private Dancer, Disco Delight, Bound my Memories, range from feelings as being invisible to sexual desire and flashback memories of the last four decades of my life, The drawings are created from using a hot glue gun and glue sticks and at first glance look like sewn tapestries

Darrell Roberts has received grants from the Dedalus Foundation, George Sugarman Foundation, Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation and Tanne Foundation.

Darrell has a BA in Art History from the University of Northern Iowa, participated in the Leon Levy Expedition in Ashkelon, Israel for archaeology, completed his BFA and MFA at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and has participated in artist residencies in Johnson; Vermont, Delhi; India, Kushtia; Bangladesh, Beijing; China and Cadiz; Spain.

Thomas McCormick Gallery in Chicago represents Darrell Roberts and David Richard Gallery in Santa Fe.

Also featuring work by Dillon Lemon in our window space

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