May 16th 2017

LYP SINC OPEN is a platform for you (yes you!) to lyp sinc in front of an audience. Simply bring your song on a Mac compatible jump drive (or stream) and sign up at the door when you arrive. Space is limited. Wanna make sure you perform? Sign up in advance to ensure a place in the program:

LYP SINC | birthday edition
A benefit for Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival

TUE 16 MAY | 8-10pm
>>> 8PM | LYP SINC OPEN | $5 General admission + drink ticket + open platform.

A birthday party and benefit rolled into one, wish Joseph a happy 49th year by coming to Lyp Sinc Birthday Edition! LYP SINC SHOW has happened every April Fools Day for the last seven years and is one of our most popular events.Funds raised in this special edition are earmarked to provide meals for participating artists and volunteers in the 2017 edition of Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival.

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