Apr 23rd 2017

When Did We Lose? What Did We Lose?
Reflections on the Current Political Culture

Our present political nightmare is a product of many beginnings, each one a loss for the Left, dating back to at least 1980. Some of these were political defeats, the result of failed campaigns—elections, strikes, legislative battles. Some were turning points of longer duration—the loss of ideas, of dreams. For this discussion on a spring afternoon, we hope to review our losses—both specific and general, across time and contexts. Our hope is that we emerge with a clearer view of the score sheet as we gird for the battles spreading before us.

Please join us. The event is designed to be a group production—come ready to help tackle these questions. Philosopher Frederic Neyrat, writer and organizer Lorenza Perelli, and artist Dan Wang will facilitate the conversation.

Frédéric Neyrat is a French philosopher. He works on horror, wonder, politics, and the environmental situation. He tends to believe that we are on the verge of World War III. Website: https://atoposophie.wordpress.com/

Lorenza is an artist, writer and CEO of her family. She published two books on contemporary art in Italy, participated in few shows in Chicago and abroad and is concerned with education, politics and life.

Dan S. Wang entertains himself by writing and making art about economic history, politics and ethno-nationalism. He was born in the USA. Whatever that means.

In conjunction with the exhibition: Primes – Drawings, Works on Paper, and No-Watt Radio by Dan S. Wang

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