Apr 14th 2017

Amanda “OldPhan” Sukenick
My work is a study of tension between the concepts of archive & extinction. Obsession and monstrosity are no longer enough, now comes the question of responsibility. Through projects in print, sculpture, archive building, performance, music, video sharing & social media, my work revolves around such topics as Antinatalism/Efilism, Extinction, and The Right to Die. On Youtube, I have witnessed thousands of examples of philosophical, intellectual, subcultural, and activist pieces of art and communication be censored, destroyed and forgotten. In an effort towards the preservation of memes, yet understanding the futility of chasing after permanence, my life is dedicated none the less, to the building, in a myriad of mediums, archives to the many subjects I feel to be important to the future sentience. Lets hold on to everything tightly, lets kiss it and tell it we love it, lets create, archive and index, and then lets say goodbye – From the School of the Art Institute Print Media Grad Catalog (2015)

The EFIList
Life is crude forces in control of precious commodities, and human life is perpetuated only out of the blind, insane desires of our addicted psychologies. Why create need machines, who can never satisfy their desire without imposing unfulfilled desire on to something else? Life is an imposition, and the EFIList believes we should not have the right to create need for no need, and force another generation to play out the same tragic and tired Shakespearean snuff film. We can control exactly how much suffering and death exists on this planet, there is no suffering without sentience, and the best outcome for life on planet earth is extinction, through a collective act of non-procreation. – From www.efilism.com

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