Apr 16th 2017

Michael Robert Pollard: Big Shoulders

@ The Back Room at Kim's Corner Food

1371 W. Estes Ave, Chicago IL 60626

Opening Sunday, April 16th, from 3PM - 6PM

On view through Sunday, May 14th

out of my world into a page with glaring teeth and blaring lips, but no other facial features. The work is clever and highly potent with meaning; I’d love to be the person who writes the dialogue explaining all that! Anyway, that’s a start…if you like what I’m saying, I’ll continue…

WTF Halloween was yesterday.

at the first glance the work conveys simplicity but if you stay still for just a minute and ponder the visual only then will you begin to understand the depth of the emotional, social, political message

inspired by what he sees and hope to see, film, comic books, music, media, can make art on any surface not afraid of getting dirty, it’s always time to paint, children inspire your work, art expression is therapy,

never did me a lick of harm… except for psychological problems and blurred vision.

a unique take on many currents to the world today, such as primitivism, found objects and references to comic book art. He combines them in a very individual way to provide a valuable commentary on the urban world he inhabits.

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