Mar 17th 2017

Unpresidented: Art in Common Cause is a benefit pop-up exhibition inviting artists to present their work in order to support the institutions of their choosing. The majority of the sales of each donated piece will be given to each artists’ chosen charity or organization. With over 20 participating artists from the Chicagoland area, showing a broad range of aesthetic styles, and supporting local, national, and international causes, Unpresidented gives artists agency to mobilize their community.

We are pleased to present work by this generous group of artists: Ken Avick, Jane Barthès, Jeff Bauer, Maureen Claffy, Colleen Conley, Rory Coyne, James Deeb, Clark Ellithorpe, Sam Farchione, Judith Roston Freilich, Lisa Goesling, Ellen Greene, Susan Hall, Deanna Krueger, Gunjan Kumar, ATYL/Alexandra Lee, Lauren Levato Coyne, Bert Leveille, Chandrika Marla, Bert Menco, Karen Perl, Joyce Polance, Nancy Rosen, Allison Svoboda, Diane Thodos, Tamara Wasserman, and Fotios Zemenides

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