Mar 25th 2017

MIG (metal inert gas) welding is a process used to join pieces of metal in metalwork. This exhibit will be about Modernistic Industrial Gestural Sculpture.

A series of charcoal drawings of gestural sculptures on paper will be exhibited alongside what I call “flat sculptures” constructed of forged steel. Inherently 3-dimensional in physicality, these flat sculptures will hold all information on the same side of a single plane. There will also be a series of multimedia paintings depicting gestural sculptures in “nowhere landscapes.” These nowhere landscapes encompass flat paper sculptures layered onto a painted, timeless, scale-less landscape which, ironically, could be anywhere.

To the casual observer the creative process seems linear. The gestures depicted in the charcoal drawings are similar to the flat metal sculptures and acquire context in the paintings. One with a keen eye and a penchant for meaning, however, will notice the process itself may fade into multiple processes simultaneously or superimpose itself onto an underlying concept. Drawings become sculptures and both inform the paintings. All three types of art are unique in context but hold a commonality as they all depict gestural sculptures.

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