Mar 18th 2017

Friends and colleagues,

Corbett vs. Dempsey is very pleased to present Jennifer Jason Leigh, an exhibition of new works by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. This the the artist’s third solo show at CvsD.

You could fixate on the range of media in her paintings. You could fixate on the use of sewing. You could fixate on the collage element. You could fixate on the annihilation of a distinction between abstract and figurative imagery. You could fixate on the technique of staining, the relationship to drawing, actual drawings, the avoidance of pattern, an intrusion of pattern, the drawbridge between raucous humor and arch seriousness. You could fixate on fixation. Or on the avoidance of fixation, the move between one position and another.

Zuckerman-Hartung is always on the move.

In Jennifer Jason Leigh, we are excited to unveil a group of new paintings at various scales by Zuckerman-Hartung, and also to show her drawings, an important ongoing part of her practice, presented for the first time in the aggregate. Ranging from found image to notational and marginal to sumptuous and painterly, the drawings are a world unto themselves, enjoying a quite separate life from that of the paintings. In varying ways, they feature both geometry and anatomy. Accompanying the exhibition will be a full-color catalog with text by Jennifer Kabat featuring reproductions of numerous drawings and none of the paintings.

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