Mar 30th 2017

“For me, street photography is to discover and document what others usually don’t see. Small human events in the public space, which normally go unnoticed, but in the frozen moment leaving traces. My passion for this classic genre is based on a genuine interest in people of all ages and social classes.

Last autumn I release my first book, Chicago Streetwalk. The book is all about Chicago. A city I often return to. A legendary city that offers everything I like about street photography. Seduced by the dark alleys underneath the Loop, I see the real Gotham City. I see Batman. The iron bridges spellbind me, as well as the river, the bars, the blues and the open-minded people. This is my kind of city.

The exhibition “Streetwalk” and the book is my tribute to the Windy City and to its people. I hope that you are able to sense some of that urbanity that’s ever present here. Welcome to Chicago, spend a few moments here and perhaps wonder (as I do) about life as it is.”

Mats Alfredsson’s photographs will be accompanied by poems by Carl Sandburg.

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