Mar 31st 2017

It’s Just Business

@ Corner

2912 N Milwaukee Ave (Storefront), Chicago, IL 60618

Opening Friday, March 31st, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Wednesday, May 24th

The Just Business Agency ​thanks ​Corner ​for generously hosting our agency while we are searching for a more permanent space. From March 31st – May 24th, The Just Business Agency at Corn​er presents “​It’s Just Business” – a series of pop up shops and events to highlight our newly associated businesses. Come join us for our opening on March 31 from 6pm – 9pm!

For more information about our events please visit our website at ​​ and contact us at ​

Schedule of businesses at Corner:

Office Hours​®​ ​April 1- April 8
Mr. Paul Scudder and Ms. Kelly Lloyd share between them years of experience. A portion of those years have been spent developing the skills and material technology necessary to help you with any issue, problem, crisis or question you may have. Specializing in Tamales, Puff(y) Paint, Macrame, For Teens and The Fifth Element, Scudder and Lloyd represent not only the best but the only that Office Hours​®​ has to offer in terms of wide-ranging consultation. Come to us with your unnamed babies, questionable sores and bad organizational habits. With your landlord complaints, un-priced antiques and mixed bag of mixed nuts. Office Hours​®​ is certain we can find an answer for you.

The Selected Black ​April 9- 18
The Selected Black Experience Council (SBE) is an exclusive organization invested in giving non-black allies the opportunity to engage in black culture.

You Need Help​ ​April 19- 27
Do you have the feeling like something is wrong, missing, uncomfortable, moving too fast, moving too slow, overwhelming, awkward, misunderstood, kinda lonely, too crowded, out of control, too good to be true, out of reach, beneath you, above you, dried up, dumb, outsmarting you, frustrating, confusing, obvious, a train wreck, too close to perfect, not perfect enough, kind of ugly, boring, over before it began, disheartening, less than what is appears, too good to be true, spoiling the mood, awful, sickening, broken, hard to love, kind of off or just the worst?
Are you trying to find a way to start feeling like you are winning while you constantly lose? Great! You Need Help is a series of training videos aiming to get your life seemingly back on track!

Globe Al Chemical Company ​April 28- May 6
The Globe Al Chemical Company is an entity for the purpose of individuals working together. It is a blank spot; a Frame of Reference (FOR), and an abstraction of something real. Globe Al is best known as the production company for the soap opera By Way of Today. ​

proCeed: Transcritical Business Solutions ​May 7-15
proCeed is a Post-Satirical Business Consultation Firm (PSBCF) providing theoretical, ironic, experimental and/or ‘art’ businesses tools and professional advice to identify and form routes to the economic actualization of their underlying ideological frameworks. ​

The MorphoTransverse Method® ​May 16- 24
DECIDE. COMMIT. THRIVE. The MorphoTransverse Method® updates ancient health practices for the modern fitness world—all you need to do is be PRESENT. Together, we’ll turn your goals into results, and uncover your level of happiness and stability so that you can reach a superior state of existence. Discover your heightened self as we teach you to unify your spirit and body, allowing them to evolve beyond earthly boundaries. Join us for your EXCLUSIVE introductory Trial Experience of The MorphoTransverse Method® ​

All Corner events are free and open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, audiences of all ages are welcome. Light refreshments will be provided at each event.

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