Mar 26th 2017

Join us for an Artist Talk with the women of HYPNAGOGIA
An opportunity to learn about the intimate works, stories and inspiration of these very talented artists.

Hypnagogia, an all female group show featuring:

Kawaii Suga

Lina Caro

Anelly Vazquez

Vivian Le

Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. Mental phenomena that occurs during this “threshold consciousness” phase include lucid thought, lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis.

Even in deep sleep, it is said some of our dreams are subconcious desires. Desires, thoughts and fantasies that we may not necessarily remember or even share with others.

In this exhibition, the artists explore and share intimate imagery reflective of their deeper subconcious realms. By crossing this threshold of consciousness with their personal and intimate vulnerability, we see a strength in their artwork. Strong imagery, connecting and becoming more in tune with what the lucid thoughts and emotions have created for each of them.

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