Feb 4th 2017

Greenheart Transforms is excited to host On The Real Film, in collaboration with Sixty Inches from Center, to present TRANSITION TO POWER – a documentary web-series created as a response to the 2016 United States Presidential Election. TRANSITION TO POWER looks through the eyes of artists and creatives to discuss the place of art and dialogue in the socio-political sphere. Each episode is a discussion with an artist about their plans going forward in this fragile political climate.

Join us with On the Real filmmakers Erin Babbin & Michael Sullivan as we open up a dialogue on the state of art and politics in the new political landscape. We will watch the Transition to Power short films and then hear from the filmmakers themselves about their experiences within this socio-political shift. Following this, we will hold a safe space for discussion on how we can heal the divide of a nation.

We believe art is proof of our collective humanity and artists have the capacity to reframe our understanding of the world we live in. Throughout history artists have led the way during politically tumultuous times towards greater empathy and clearer perception of the injustices too often inflicted on those most vulnerable in marginalized groups. Facing many great obstacles towards progress in our society, we look to artists to illuminate the path forward.

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