Feb 19th 2017

Sunday, Saudade Station

February 19 – March 25, 2017
Opening Reception: Sunday, February 19 4 – 7pm

Please join us for the opening of new solo shows for Upstate New York-based Sean Sullivan and Chicago painter and sculptor Paul Erschen.

Sean Sullivan approaches drawing and printmaking as a recording process akin to and inspired by early american photography and musical recordings. These early recordings allow us to not only experience the intention of the makers, what they thought and how they felt, but also the errant details of the atmospheric conditions in which they were made. Those marks beyond their control. Together, the limitation of technology and the weight of time produce artifacts of otherworldly tone and mystery. The process he employs attempts to invite similar unknowns. The drawings themselves are relatively simple in structure and execution. They are made quickly with a ballpoint pen, a ruler, and a homemade version of large scale carbon paper (oil paint applied to paper). The result is a primitive transfer process that ‘records’ in oil paint, not only the intended lines of the drawing, the ideas themselves, but just as importantly, the unpredictable marks of chance. Sean Sullivan lives in Saugerties, New York.

Cloven, Paul Erschen’s first solo show with the gallery features a series of new paintings that treat found forms and hand-cut shapes as templates to delineate and structure subtle acrylic-based compositions. Included in the show is an installation that takes the deftness of the paintings into the world of objects, architecture and play. Paul Erschen lives and works in Chicago and plays in the band Mayor Daley.

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