Feb 4th 2017

A 2nd Floor Rear Event hosted by Katie Vota + Ariel Gentalen

Gathering in the face of adversity has become suddenly more pertinent than ever. Not only gathering for the purpose of social justice, but to be around others that share your views and your struggles in an arena of self-care. In shaping this event, we ask ourselves: how do we embody meaningful art/life practices? Ritual is not just about ceremony, but about actions repeated with hope. Through our event, we seek to give space and representation to a myriad of people of complex identities who unite knowing they’re stronger, fiercer and more queenly together.

With this togetherness, we pair the word “craft,” which in our understanding is a term given importance (and scorn) by its association with queer and female labor. We want to dwell on the ways queer persons craft themselves, the rituals of identity creation that go on before the party, the putting-on of a personae, and the societal dangers that stop many of us from participation in these rituals. We want people to attend both as they are and as they want to be, going through their going-out rituals as they see fit.

Crafts to look out for: buttons/queer achievement badges

With thanks to the Waste Shed for their donation.

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