Feb 3rd 2017

The month of February is known as the month of Love. This exhibit is going to highlight the love and passion of our participating artists, inspired by Frida and Diego. We want to honor each one as individual artists while acknowledging their love for art, their revolutionary work, culture and each other.

As artists and public figures:
Frida painted what she felt INSIDE the depths of her world; love, pain, conflict, loss, and emotion. Diego painted what he saw in his world OUTSIDE; politics, economic distress, war, sights and so on.
Their love however, united them and made their art similar yet so different.

This group show has asked the participating artists to create work representative of each concept. Reflecting what they see on the outside and what they feel inside, painting from inspiration such as Frida & Diego did.

Participating Artists: Jaqui Almaguer, Valeska Anleu, Elizabeth Avila, Marcelo Biott, Ankh, FEDZ, Rodney Dolla,
Emily Draeger, Queen of Mildred, Gabriel Garcia-Fraire, Laura Gomez, David Gonzalez, Lisa Gray, Nora Leon, Leonardo Lopez, KOZMO, Teresa Magana, Rocko Miranda, Dana Moore, Susan Mullen, Laura Neira, Tiffany Olvera, Adriana Pena, Dalila Perez, Lorie Guevara Ranker, Pablo Ramirez, Leticia Rodarte, Rogelio Vega, Stephanie Weiner, JASSO, AND MORE!!!

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