Jan 29th 2017

In Between Two Bodies

@ South of the Tracks

4223 W Lake St, # 430, Chicago, IL 60624

Opening Sunday, January 29th, from 12PM - 4PM

On view through Saturday, March 4th

So then what am I?
Myriad forms, continually changing, a performance of shapes and movement
——————————Painting straight onto the body begins to collapse the boundary
between subject and object
Other times the boundaries of a body are defined by (and define) the objects it interacts with
The conscious is immaterial
suggest a transformative transcendent potentiality through painting and action!
Notions of Sympathetic Magic, Mimetic instinct, and embodied empathy
with the natural world give this work purpose
and has increased my capacity for joy, knowledge
and memory of the places where I have made it

South of the Tracks is pleased to present In Between Two Bodies, a three person exhibition featuring recent works from Zoe Nelson, Luke Armitstead, and Benny Merris. The sculptures of Luke Armitstead’s monstrous totems and figures populate the temporal space of Memory and Nature, creating a tether between plane of the exhibition space and those of Chicago-based painter Zoe Nelson. Within her abstract fields, gestural marks make up figurative representations that have surpassed the point of an after image to that of a memory seen in haze. The details and marks that would anchor Nelson’s paintings to a specific location are missing yet through gestural fields does form come forth. As a result, her pictorial spaces occupy an interiority of the mind and body that is in flux, congruous to the performative body gestures seen in Benny Merris’ photographs. In mimicking the landscape, Merris’ plein air painted arm references the theoretical Phantom Limb of painting while also performative nature of painting itself. Herein the boundaries of space and body are questioned as the audience-artist perform in and upon the landscape, blending the landscapes own image with that of the painted arm. Yet these images too become tied to interior space that is timeless due to the lack of concrete signifiers that would indicate temporal context.

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