Dec 10th 2016

Workshop with Dana Major: Creating yourSelf | Creating yourArt

@ Corner

2912 N Milwaukee Ave (Storefront), Chicago, IL 60618

Opening Saturday, December 10th, from 12PM - 3PM

On view through Sunday, January 15th

Join Dana for an in-gallery retreat workshop that will guide participants toward deeper creativity using fun writing, art-making, and low-impact movement projects. Rhonda Wheatley, Artist and Healer, coaches participants to gain awareness of their freer, more creative selves using writing exercises and guided meditation.

This workshop is part of Dana Major’s six-week residency, titled “Crystal Palace, Crystal Caves” at Corner. This residency will transform the space into a reflective environment where one’s mind can transition from the hustle of daily life into a tranquil site of reflection. The storefront windows will be activated with an array of crystal structures, emitting light onto the pedestrian paths and generating visual attention to invite passersby into the space. Inside the gallery will be a installation of of chandelier crystals with a matrix of wires, lenses, and LED’s. Conjuring up images of crystal palaces and crystal caves, this mystical and meditative space prompts the viewer to seek the solutions to their daily troubles within the Self.

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