Dec 3rd 2016

Caroline Claflin and Noel Fetting-Smith collaborate in More than a feeling, a show opening at Comfort Station in December. Artwork will include prints, drawings, sculpture, as well as text and performative audio.

The two will show original works that investigate the rhetoric surrounding fact vs. feeling in 2016, a year marked by a historic lack of empathy and understanding in the public arena. In an age of listicles, clickbait, and Orwellian data mining, the parroting of biased information is an inevitable condition of our digital life. We see what pleases us, and our opinions are reinforced by algorithm.

Influenced by the history of Comfort Station as a restroom, Claflin and Fetting-Smith mount a one-man, one-woman show that jokingly examines each other’s artwork through the lens of this arbitrary binary. Claflin and Fetting-Smith will create separate artworks for display and then use a layer of audio and text commentary to subjugate their meaning: these overrides lampoon and examine the language of bias present in all aspects of our digital lives.

Caroline Claflin and Noel Fetting-Smith met over ten years ago in Providence, Rhode Island and have collaborated in the past to create video, installation, and performative artworks together. Claflin, 29, is a Massachusetts native whose work encompasses video, animation, drawings and prints. She graduated with her BFA in animation from the Rhode Island School of Design before going on to earn an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. Fetting-Smith, 29, studied painting at Brown University and just recently completed an MFA in sculpture at SAIC here in Chicago. His work examines social advocacy and educational reform through sculpture and performance.

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