Dec 7th 2016

Exploring the connection between mental wellness and creativity, Alice Berry will draw upon her experiences as an artist and professional counselor to introduce concepts and strategies that can be helpful in creating and sustaining an artistic practice.

The workshop will also investigate the perception of artists and creative professionals in society and how those societal norms and assumptions affect the personal and professional relationships of creative people. Society’s attitudes about artists (art is just fun, it’s not serious, you can’t get paid for making art, etc.) resonate with long-held societal views of artists as being more prone to instability, addiction, and mental illness. One of the goals of this workshop will be to make an effort to change that social paradigm and help artists clarify their worth to themselves and their communities.

In an effort to refute this trend, Alice’s workshop will help artists establish a thorough understanding of their unique personality and how to integrate those characteristics into the development of their creative and professional practice. She will also teach us simple, easy-to-adopt methods for stress reduction and initiating a positive mental outlook on both individual and interpersonal levels.

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Alice Berry, a SAIC alumnus (BA, 1980), completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice) at Roosevelt University in 2014. Alice is a Licensed Professional Counselor currently engaging in a counseling practice that specializes in artists and creative professionals. She has an over 30-year background in the arts as a fashion, textile and installation designer, entrepreneur, and visual artist. //

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