Nov 18th 2016

The Nightingale welcomes Margaret Rorison to present a program of short films shot on 16mm from 2012-2016. Many of these works have developed from travel and explorations through rural and urban landscapes and function as odes to memories of experience. Some films are explorations of the relationship between time and the frame, between pacing and cut and of memory … Sound is an important component to these works as well. Rorison has composed many of the soundtracks with the use of field recordings, contact mics and lucid narrations made by her grandfather. One of her most recent films, Memory of August is an ode and portrait study of her 95 year old grandmother, Margaret Bennett, the widow of Harry Bennett who has been another strong influence in Rorison’s earlier work. Prior to filmmaking, Rorison worked primarily with painting and poetry and is interested in exploring these methods of language and thought through the medium of 16mm film.

Program Details:

Gowanus Haze
2012 | 16mm to video | 5 min | sound

2013 | 16mm to video | 9 min | sound

The Waiting Sands
2013 | 16mm to video | 5 min | sound

Dark Logic
2015 | 16mm to video | 5 min | sound

Funes el memorioso
2015 | 8mm to 16mm to video | 2 min | sound

The Road to Kalmar
2015 | 16mm to video | 7 min | sound

The Birds of Chernobyl
2012 | 16mm | 7 min | sound

2014 | 16mm | 3 min | sound

Memory of August
2016 | 16mm | 5 min | sound

Lichtenberg Skies
2016 | 16mm | 3 min | silent

2013 | 16mm | 3 min | sound

One Document for Hope
2015 | 16mm | 8 min | sound

Smoke, shadows, gliding further when alone
2016 | 16mm | work in progress | sound

MARGARET RORISON is an artist and curator originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She has been making short 16mm films since 2012. She is interested in the visceral nature of memory and the act of memorializing our relationships to space and experience. Sound and walking are important components to the rhythm of these film structures. Often her work comes from solitary walks through rural and urban landscapes, using in camera editing techniques and filed recordings to create form and find structure. Rorison, has been curating and running the experimental film series, Sight Unseen since 2012 and has been a member of the High Zero Foundation and Maryland Film Festival Screening committee both since 2011. Her work has been shown at Anthology Film Archives, Ann Arbor Film Festival, CROSSROADS, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Images Festival, Mono No Aware VI & VII, Sonic Circuits Festival, Microscope Gallery, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and The High Zero Festival.

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