Oct 21st 2016

Polish American Heritage Month Exhibition

@ A Shot of Art at Perkolator

6032 W Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL

Opening Friday, October 21st, from 4PM - 6PM

On view through Wednesday, November 30th

Come see the diverse work of Jerry Z. Rogowski, Frank Styburski, Piotr Wolodkowicz, and Jason Waclawik. This group was assembled with the assistance of Daniel Pogorzelski.

Frank Styburski shares his photo series”Open Secrets”.
“When you consider the relentless clutter of images that we encounter in our daily routine, it is easy to dismiss much of the simultaneous information that we are asked to process at every moment. What’s left are ordinary things of beauty, intrigue, and wonder,- that go unseen, everywhere,- and all of the time. ” (Frank Styburski)

Jason Waclawik: “I paint stress ridden characters in a campy style. My artwork is inspired by life’s worries and Saturday morning cartoons. This series was created to accompany people who are drinking coffee.”

Piotr Wolodkowicz was born in communist Poland and now resides in Chicago. His art education started in Poland and then it continued in Wright College and Oakton College.
“My paintings start with a color idea and then I develop the composition in which the color is the primary subject…My work romanticizes places that might not seem noteworthy but are beautiful in those short moments when they exist. ” (Piotr Wolodkowicz)

Jerry Rogowski was born outside of Paris and studied art in Lublin. He has been a professional freelance artist in Chicago since 2001.

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