Oct 1st 2016

Marcelline (#ATMdata)
Marcelline Mandeng (b. Yaounde, Cameroon 1993) is a multimedia conceptual artist working in Baltimore, MD and living in Philadelphia, PA. their work situates itself within the marriages of performance, autonomous sculptural props and archival methods such as printed media and sound. In their practice, Mandeng mines deconstructive processes in order to transform everyday materials. By evoking cycles of life and death through gestures such as cutting up a white tyvek suit, and turning it into a human hide covered in black glitter; applying orange and red spray paint onto burnt white clothing in reference to Bhuddist monk self immolation rituals or fabricating a replica of dave the potter slave jug in their likeness; they generate personal symbols as a mean to obsessively catalogue their life experience and the historic artifacts that informs it. The ephemeral objects mediate healing rituals or performances where the self, other and audience collaborate to both question and reimagine ongoing colonial borders of spirituality, intimacy, family and language affecting those within the african diaspora.

GlamHag & Lady Daddy
Glamhag is a monster in the shape of a drag queen and Lady Daddy is the hot single mother at the bar pounding whisky, eating cornishons and trying to get that late night hook up.

Kiam Marcelo Junio
a line between two points, a lifetime. the space between moments, from spark to dissipation, none becoming one, one becoming all, all becoming two, two becoming one, all of time in a single walk, all of life in a single dance.
video, performance, and installation by Kiam Marcelo Junio

music by Ariel Zetina
performance documentation by Armando Lozano
custom chainmaille by Sky Cubacub for Rebirth Garments

Antibody Corporation (Adam Rose and April Lynn)

Forced into Femininity
Isn’t it just like a woman to be mischevious, impetuos and impulsive, to want the freedom to what she likes? And isn’t it like a woman to be mysterious, impenetrable, to have depths in which we plunge in vain in search of some lost part of ourselves? Jill Flanagan thinks so, and she’s here to spread her twisted hysterical ideology with a little soft shoe routine and some jazz standards. Now fuck right off

+ (pronounced “Plus Sign”) is saving the world a bunch of different ways. It likes to rap, play games, and sing songs!~*

Ryan Hunter Greenlee
Ryan isn’t playing games. They’re hosting them. You are invited to the show. And their show. If you have time after the show. So [elongated] come on down and try your luck. Ryan could use it. But do with what’s yours as you will. Times are tough, after all. Did you hear about the news? More, after the show. But now, a word from their sponsors: The Kenel Club of Grenada, MS. Who let the dogs out, amIright? Please. No questions. Times are tough, after all.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiOd3i0hb4k _

The Greatest Game Show Theme Songs (Part 3)
Part 3 of “The Greatest Game Show Theme Songs of All Time.” #4-#2 are featured here.
7:00 PM

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