Sep 16th 2016

Triumph School Manual Project #1

@ Triumph School

771 N 3906th Rd, Triumph, IL 61371-1001

Opening Friday, September 16th, from 4PM - 10PM

On view through Sunday, September 18th

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the inaugural weekend of the Triumph School Manual Project. A weekend of production, collective communication and an outdoor hangout.

What is this?

The event hosts five manuals individual works created and written by Joseph Grigely, Troy Briggs, Ayanah Moor, Phil Peters, Nick Wylie & J.P. Glover. During the event the participants – you – will be invited to execute the manuals, interpreting the projects without the oversight of its author/s.


Opening “doors:” Friday, September 16th after 4pm
Project Execution: Saturday, September 17th – beginning and end time will vary on the chosen project.
Hangout and enjoyment time: Sunday, September 18th. End time: 4pm.

The property, situated on four acres has ample space for camping so please bring your own tent and whatever else you may need for comfort. There is a kitchen, multiple grills, a smoker and a fire pit so please bring your own food and let’s share recipes!
We will be asking a $20, or more, or less donation to help us fund building repairs.

771 North 3906th road, Triumph, IL (about 100 miles from downtown Chicago).
The location itself, situated an hour and a half southwest of downtown Chicago, is a former schoolhouse, built ranch style in the 1950’s, located in Triumph IL, 20 minutes north of Starved Rock State Park

Please RSVP by September 8th


The Triumph School seeks to become a multi-disciplinary residency and an expanded learning environment; now, however it’s just getting its feet wet through the Manual Project. Most importantly, we want to find out from you, our community, what you can envision Triumph to be, both in the short and long term – the Project is a vehicle for that. In this way we can discover, together, what we can build the Triumph School into, while also create, collaborate and have fun! Also, since The Manual is an ongoing project, the first events will inform, or echo, the formation of the program, so, in a way, the project will help us to figure out what The Triumph School will grow into, and will in effect become a sort of running and living blueprint of the school.

Lastly, who are we?

Bob Coffey is an inventor, entrepreneur, and food connoisseur. Previously he was a pioneering web programmer. He is the owner of the building and the fuel of this initiative; he is also Ryan Coffey’s dad. Ryan Coffey is an artist, an educator, and a carpenter. He is the ground officer of the project, and also, Ruslana Lichizier’s husband. Ruslana is a writer, a curator and an educator and this project’s head of operations.
For further information feel free to contact us at any time at: or +1.845.553.0053

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